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Hello all! I wanted to talk a little bit about the thorny issue of miniature scales and some of the suggested sizing we recommend for 3D printing the Legions of Tékumel figures. The really great thing about 3D printing is that you can change the size to match many different figure scales. 

Designing 3D figures for resin printing involves some trade offs. We designed the Legions of Tékumel line to print best as 28mm figures, and the smallest we recommend printing them at is 18mm scale. Even at that size you may find that some parts are quite fragile. This is a function of design - figures optimized for smaller scales like 6mm or 15mm tend to be "chunkier", with thicker arms and legs and larger heads. This means that these designs don't look great when printed in larger 28mm scale. We wanted our figures to match well with older Tékumel miniatures, which were almost all in the 25-28mm size range, but more on that later!

Here are some suggestions we have for printing our figures for various common wargaming scales by adjusting the size of the figure in your 3D slicer software of choice:

  • 32mm (best match for many newer figure lines) - Scale at 110%
  • 28mm (best match for Tékumel Project figures) - Scale at 100%
  • 25mm (best match for Ral Partha/PHD figures) - Scale at 90%
  • 18mm - Scale at 64.37% (I know that's a very specific number, but that is math for you!)

These are just guidelines. We suggest that you start with these numbers, print a test figure, and compare to the actual figures you are trying to match. You may need to adjust a bit to suit your taste and remember that figures can vary in size even within product lines!

Have fun and remember to post some pictures of what you come up with!

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For me it a question about the future rules. Tekumel armies are real large. The number figure on Base is important if you want to get the ‘feel’ of a large army. So hear is my list…
32mm …easy of painting
28mm … fits in with Howard’s figures.
25mm… old school.
18mm /15mm … starting to look like an army.
10mm … you need good eyes to paint them.
6mm … too small to paint well.

Also the number of regular units other than elite units available to make up an army.

So I’m waiting to see the rules next year to decide.


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