Kickstarter Stretch Goal Update - Mighty of Yán Kór and Hláka

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Update - Mighty of Yán Kór and Hláka

Hello all! We thought we would give you an update on the progress towards the campaign stretch goals and tell you a little about the design process for the figures.

First, we have made major progress on the Mighty of Yán Kór designs, including a medium infantry and heavy infantry figure. Here is a picture of the heavy infantry:

Mighty of Yán Kór Heavy Infantry

To give you an idea of the design process that goes into creating these figures, we wanted to share some behind the scenes details on the creation of the Mighty of Yán Kór. The process begins with sending the concept art to our 3D artist. This reference art is usually composed of approved Tékumel art found in previous publications and art drawn by Rob and approved by the Tékumel Foundation.

Once the artist produces a first draft there is usually some back and forth with tweaking the design for accuracy with the source materials. It is at this stage that we meet with the Tékumel Foundation for their feedback and approval of the design. As an example of this process at work, below is the original art of the Mighty of Yán Kór helmet and the final 3D design. It actually took several iterations with the help of our artist and feedback from the Tékumel Foundation to get it just right!

Original Mighty of Yán Kór Art
3D Mighty of Yán Kór Helmet

The end result of this painstaking effort are high quality, officially approved designs that match the original sources as best we can. Based on this, and the schedule of our artist, our goal is to release one stretch goal a month. The Mighty of Yán Kór are in the final process of approval and posing, so we expect to release them soon. We also hope to release a few bonus figures around the same time, including some additional officers for your Shén and Yán Kór armies.

Next up are the Hláka! We have just sent the reference art to the designer and can't wait to see what he comes up with. Here's a taste of the look we are going for:

Thanks for joining us on this journey and we hope to have your continued support for upcoming Legions of Tékumel projects in 2024.

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