Where are we now?

I just wanted to drop a quick post to summarize what we have achieved so far and where we are going next. 

Achievements to Date (April 20, 2024)

  • Delivered basic goals from the Legions of Tékumel Kickstarter campaign.
    • Omnipotent Azure Legion
    • Shén, armored and unarmored
    • Pé Chói, armored and unarmored
    • Ahoggyá, armored and unarmored
    • Mu'ugalavyáni Crossbow and Command
  • Delivered additional poses of Hnálla priest stretch goal
  • Delivered Pé Chói priest stretch goal.
  • Delivered Mighty of Yán Kór stretch goal.
  • Delivered Mu'ugallavyáni Legion "Never Die" stretch goal.
  • Delivered Hláka stretch goal.
  • Print on Demand orders from the Kickstarter delivered.
  • Play testing of Legions of Tékumel miniatures rules in under way

What is coming next?

  • Delivery of Generic Skirmishers stretch goal.
  • Delivery of Salarvyáni Nchésh of the Silver Standard stretch goal.
  • Delivery of the Livyáni Llüneb "Hunched One" stretch goal.
  • Delivery of the Ssú Warband stretch goal.
  • Legions of Tékumel Kickstarter Campaign
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